Full Access Pass Textbook, Handbook, and Training Course Subscription

Full Access Pass subscribers receive access to all ATI Textbooks and trainer handbooks and access to all ATI Training Courses for one yearly fee. The subscription is renewable on a yearly basis. In addition, there are exclusive updates and supplemental outlines on the subscription website.

The price of our Full Access Pass subscription is $20,000 This price is locked in for each subsequent renewal.

For this one yearly price, you receive the Full-Access Pass Subscription.

  • All textbooks can be placed on a corporate or organization server and used by an unlimited number of students on-site. Textbooks can also be distributed to students and with the understanding, the materials are for their personal use.
  • All trainers associated with the organization may have copies of the textbooks for use in personal development and course preparation.
  • All Trainer handbooks can be placed on a corporate or organization server and used by an unlimited number of trainers on-site. Trainer handbooks can also be distributed to trainers with whom the state works with the understanding the materials are for their personal use.
  • All online training courses offered by ATI. These classes are streamed and can be shared with trainers associated with the subscriber and streamed for students. Recording and outside distribution of the recorded classes is prohibited.
  • The subscription expires one year from the date of activation at which time you are welcome to renew the subscription.
  • These are the only circumstances in which the training materials may be used. Distribution of textbooks to anyone other than those associated with your state or organization will result in a revocation of this agreement.
  • ATI does not offer refunds on subscriptions.

Included Textbooks
Included Handbooks

Your subscription price is locked-in as long as you continue to renew your subscription.  The price at which you purchase your initial subscription will be your price as long as you renew your subscription each year regardless of price increases for new subscribers.

Should you allow your subscription to lapse and opt to renew later, the new subscription price applies.

Purchase Information

The cost of this subscription is $20,000.  You’ll receive information on how to download your training materials for use by your organization within 48 business hours of receipt of your order.

Have a small organization and still want a Full Access Pass Subscription? Contact us and let’s talk!

There is no time limit to download your textbooks. You have complete access for the duration of your one-year subscription.

Purchase Orders and State Authorizations may be sent to the following:

  • Email: cathy@blind.training
  • Phone (480) 331-3359
  • Postal Service
    Access Technology Institute, LLC
    PO Box 90812
    Tucson, AZ 85752

Subscription begins upon receipt of purchase order or authorization

All purchases are final. No refunds are offered on textbook subscriptions


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