Access Technology Institute offers a variety of training opportunities for blind and visually impaired consumers and trainers.

Full Access Pass Subscription

Full Access Pass Subscribers receive unlimited access to all ATI training materials including:

Textbooks for Blind Computer Users

After purchasing a subscription, our textbooks are available for immediate download and are available in a variety of formats. With each textbook, you receive.

Learn more about our Textbooks for the Blind and Visually-Impaired

Access Technology Trainer Certification (Train the Trainer)

We offer a comprehensive 10-month training course for Access Technology Trainers. Students learn how to access a variety of applications and how to teach the applications to their own students.

Upon graduation from the course, students receive lifetime support and ongoing education at no further cost.

Online Training Courses for Blind Computer Users

We offer online training in a variety of Applications. You can learn via independent study with unlimited email support or with live voice-chat or telephone support.

We teach students how to access applications using concepts and controls. Students learn application layout, how to navigate among and within controls, and use the screen reader to facilitate access.

Free ATI Trainer Handbooks and Textbooks for Small Organizations

Sell our textbooks to your students and receive our textbooks and trainer handbooks for your Access Technology Trainers free of charge!