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Table of Contents

Contact Us
Access Technology Institute Copyright Notice
Log in to the WordPress Website
The WordPress Dashboard Display
Dashboard Controls
Dashboard Content
WordPress Themes
Select and Customize a WordPress Theme
Select a Theme
Customize a Theme
Website Content
Pages vs. Posts
Add a Post

Manage Blocks
Select a Block
Block Keyboard Accelerators
Block Types
Navigate Blocks

Attributes and Formatting
Read Font Attributes

Post Properties
Publish, Preview or Save a Post

Add a Page
Page Properties
Publish, Preview or Save a Page

View the Webpage

Exercise – Themes, Posts and Pages

Edit a WordPress Page or Post
Open a Page or Post Edit Link
Block Controls

Review all Pages or Posts
Page or Post Display Controls
Bulk Actions

Filter Posts

JAWS for Windows Table Navigation
Page and Post Table Data

Web Page Links
Copy Text to the Windows Clipboard
Add a Link
Edit a Link
Remove a Link
Delete Linked Text

The Media Library
Upload Media
Manage Media Files
Edit a Media File
Delete a Media File
Upload Media in the Media Library
Upload Media in a Media block

Parent Pages

Open the WordPress Menus Page
Menu Page Layout
Add a Menu Page
Organize Menu Pages
Remove a Menu Page
Save the Menu
Menu Settings
Social Menu
Custom Links
Create a New Menu
Delete a Menu
Manage Menu Locations

Exercise: WordPress Pages and Posts, Media Library and Menus

WordPress Settings
General Settings
Writing Settings
Reading Settings


Category Management
Add a New Category
Search for Categories
Manage Categories
Categories Table
Category management links
Edit a Category

Add and Manage Tags
Add a Tag
Search for Tags
Manage Tags
Tags Table
Tag Management Links
Edit a Tag

Manage Comments
Comments Table
Comment Links

Spam Vs. Trash

User Roles
Add a User
Manage Users
Edit Users
View User Activity
Delete Users
Delete Multiple Users
Change Multiple Users Roles

Exercise: Categories, Tags and Users

Default Plugins
Install Plugins
Install a Plugin from a Web Page
Install Plugins in the WordPress Add New Plugins Page
Manage Installed Plugins
Installed Plugins Page Controls
Manage Plugins
Configure Plugins

Export WordPress Data
Import Data

Exercise: Plugins and Export

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