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An Immersion Windows 10 with JAWS for Windows Textbook Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
JAWS for Windows Help Options
Keyboard Help
Application Help
Shut Down, Restart, and Sleep Windows
Start Menu
Quick Link Menu
Create a Shortcut and Shortcut Key to Shut Down or Restart Windows
Add Shortcut Keys
The Task Manager
Startup Property Sheet
Details Property Sheet
Services Property Sheet
Configure  the Windows Start Menu
Windows Desktop
The Active Desktop
Navigate the Desktop
The Start Menu
Opening the Start Menu
The Start Menu Display
Most Used Apps and Apps List
Navigation Menu
Live Tiles
Manage Tiles
Manage Heading Titles
JAWS for Windows Bypass Command
Rearrange Tiles
Pin Tiles to the Start Menu
The Windows Taskbar
Jump Lists
The Notification Area
The Clock
Configure the Start Menu
Windows Quick Links Menu
Exercise: The Desktop
Launch Applications
Close Applications
Navigate Among Open Applications
Task View
Windows Power (Shut Down and Restart)
Exercise: Navigate Among Applications and Power Options
Application Window Display
Window States
Navigate Ribbons
Ribbon Groups
Exercise: Application Windows
Navigate and Read Text
Windows Text Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Desktop Reading Commands
JAWS for Windows Laptop Reading Commands
Adjust the Rate of Speech
Permanently Adjust the Rate of Speech
Exercise: Text Navigation and Reading
Edit Text within a document
Delete Letters and Words
Select Text
Read Selected Text
The Undo Command
Copy Text
Cut Text
Paste Text
Location of Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo Keys
Add Attributes to Text
Add Attributes On-the-Fly
Add Attributes to Existing Text
Use Accelerators to add attributes
Change the size of Font
Remove Attributes from Text
Read Character Attributes and Formatting with JAWS for Windows
Read Character Attributes and Formatting with JAWS for Windows
Exercise: Add and Read Attributes
Format a Document
Text Alignment
Change Alignment On-The-Fly
Change Alignment on Existing Text
Use Accelerators to Align Text
Change Alignment on-the-fly with Accelerators
Document Spacing
Add a Bulleted List on the Fly
Exercise: Practice Document Formatting
Manage Documents
WordPad Backstage
Microsoft Word Accelerators
Close Documents
The Save As Dialog
Drives, Folders, and Documents
Open the Save As Dialog
Microsoft Word
Explore the Save As Dialog
Read Focused Field and Contents with JAWS for Windows
Edit-Combo Field
Combo Boxes
List View Header Labels
List View
Delete List View Items
Rename List View Items
Overwrite a Document via the List View
Navigate Among Folders in the List View
Read an Entire Window with JAWS for Windows
Change Documents Displayed in the List View
Open and Save As Dialog Contain the Same Elements
Exercise: Open and Save Dialogs
Work with Documents and Folders
File Explorer
Open file Explorer from within the Start Menu
Open File Explorer from within the Taskbar
Open File Explorer with a Windows Accelerator
The File Explorer Display
List View
Change the List View Display
Read Columns with JAWS for Windows
Configure File Explorer Options
Opening File Explorer Options
The File Explorer Options Dialog
General Property Sheet
The View Property Sheet
File Explorer Navigation Pane
Open Drives and Folders in the List View
Navigate the List View
Navigate the History
Launch Documents
The Address Bar
Instant Search
Search Modifiers
The Search Ribbon
Quick Access
Pin and Unpin items from Quick Access
Unpin Items from Quick Access
Pin Items to Quick Access
Exercise: Practice Navigating File Explorer
Document Management
Navigate to the Documents Folder
Rename Documents
Create New Folders
The Selected State of an Item
Select Items in a List view
Select All Items in a Folder
Invert Selection
Copy and Move items in File Explorer
Copy Items
Move Items
Delete Documents and Folders
Sort Items in the List View
Exercise: Manage Documents in File Explorer
Add Columns to the List View
Choose Columns
Windows Application Menu
Open a Document in a New Application
Close File Explorer
Exercise: The Display of File Explorer and the Windows Application Menu
Display Libraries in the Navigation Pane
Default Libraries
Create a Library
Add Folders to a New Library
Add Folders to an in Existing Library from within Library Properties
Remove Folders from an Existing Library
Set a Default Save Location for a Library
Add Folders to a Library from within the List View of File Explorer
Rename a Library
Add folders to Libraries via the Ribbon
Exercise: Libraries
The Run Dialog
Open Drives
Open Folders
Open Documents
Open Web Documents
Send an Email
Opening Items in the Windows Path
The History List
Exercise: Run Dialog Review
The Windows Desktop and Shortcuts
Windows Shortcuts
Create a Shortcut on the Windows Desktop
Arrange Icons on the Desktop
Additional Shortcut Options
Create a Shortcut to a Web Document
Creating an Email Shortcut on the Desktop
Add Shortcut Keys to Desktop Shortcuts
The SendTo Menu
Send a Document to an Alternative Application
Send Items to a Drive
Send Items via Email
Icon Properties
The General Property Sheet
Shortcut Property Sheet
Compatibility Property Sheet
Exercise: Shortcuts and Properties
Exercise: Shortcuts and Properties
The Recycle Bin
View the Properties of a Deleted Document
Restoring an Item in the Recycle Bin
Recycle Bin Custom Ribbon
Empty the Recycle Bin
Configure the Recycle Bin
Exercise: Recycle Bin
God Mode
Create a folder on the Desktop
Uninstall Applications from your Computer
Open the and Configure the Control Panel
Open Programs and Features
Enable the Menu Bar in Programs and Features
Menu Bars
Sort and Review Applications in Programs and Features
Uninstall Programs
Uninstall applications in Windows Settings
Set Default Programs to Desktop Applications rather than Apps
Exercise: Manage Applications
Mount ISO Files
Virtual Desktops
Open a New Virtual Desktop
Navigate Among Virtual Desktops
Using the Task View
Windows Accelerator Keys
Close a Virtual Desktop
Exercise: Virtual Desktops

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