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An Immersion into Firefox with JAWS for Windows Textbook Table of Contents

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Make Firefox the Default Browser
The Firefox Display
Firefox Menus
Address Bar
Complete Addresses in the Address Bar
Open an Address in a New Tab
Tabbed Browsing
Open a new Tab
Close a Tab
Open a New Window
Open a New Private Window
Close a Firefox Window
Open the Recently Closed Tab or Windows
Navigate Among Tabs
Rearrange Tabs
Exercise – Address Bar, Tabs and Windows
Navigate and Open Links
Refresh Web Pages
JAWS for Windows Smart Navigation
Configure Smart Navigation
Startup Wizard
JAWS for Windows Firefox Quick Settings
Windows Text Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Reading Commands
Laptop Layout
JAWS for Windows Say All
Non-Link Text
Same Element Navigation
Exercise – Links, Quick Navigation and Read a Document
Firefox Browser History
Clear Recent History
Unvisited Links
Visited Links
Same Element Navigation
The JAWS for Windows Links List
JAWS Heading Navigation Commands
Desktop Layout Commands
Laptop Layout Commands
JAWS Headings List
JAWS for Windows Headings Quick Settings
Select, Copy and Paste Text
Select Text
Read Selected Text and display Clipboard Contents
Copy Text
Read the Clipboard Contents
Paste Text
FS Clipboard
Website Design Tables
Data Tables
Data Tables Introduction
Navigate Among Tables
Read the Focused Cell
Navigate Data Tables
Layered Table Navigation Commands
Jump to a Specific Cell
Return to Previous cell
Select and Copy Table Contents
JAWS Quick Settings for Tables
Temporary PlaceMarker
Navigate Among PlaceMarkers
Permanent PlaceMarkers
Configure a Permanent PlaceMarker:
Edit Permanent PlaceMarker Properties
Remove a Permanent PlaceMarker
Remove All PlaceMarkers
Navigate Among PlaceMarkers
Select Text Using a Temporary PlaceMarker
Firefox Reader Mode
Mute Audio on a Web Page
Create a Bookmark
Open a Bookmark
Edit a Bookmarked Webpage
Firefox Library
Firefox Library Display
Manage Folders and Bookmarks in the Firefox Library
Rename a Bookmark Folder
Create a New Bookmark Folder
Delete a Bookmark Folder
Move a Bookmark Folder
Manage Bookmarks in the Firefox Library
Create a New Bookmark
Select Bookmarks
Delete Bookmarks
Move Bookmarks
Change the View of the Firefox Library List View
Search Bookmarks in the Firefox Library
Review and Manage Bookmark Tags
Delete Tags
Backup and Import Menu
Backup and Import Bookmarks
Bookmarks Toolbar
Configure a Home Page
Focus on the Firefox Home Page at Any Time
Forms Mode
Auto Forms Mode
Configure JAWS for Windows Forms Mode
Form Navigation Quick Keys
Forms List
JAWS for Windows Specific Form Field Quick Navigation Commands
Display a List of Specific Form Controls
Form Fields
Edit Fields
Combo Box
Radio Buttons
Website Logins
Save a Website Login
Login with a Saved Password
Configure Saved Logins
Saved Logins Dialog
Searching in Firefox
Search Keyword Bookmarks
Create a Search Keyword for a Website Search
Use a Search Keyword
Address Bar Autocomplete
Review Autocomplete Options
Remove Autocomplete Options
Search for Websites You’ve Visited
Firefox Search Bar
Open Firefox Search Settings
Configure Firefox Search Settings
Search Webpage Text
Firefox History
Navigate Tab History
The History Menu
Restore Closed Windows and Tabs
Open History in the Firefox Library
Manage A History Location
Edit a History Location
Search History in the Firefox Library
Change the View of the Firefox Library List View
Close the Firefox Library
History Toolbar
Flexible Web
Create a Customization to Hide an Element
Create a Customization to Start Reading at an Element
Make a Customization Permanent
Manage Flexible Web Rules

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