How to Learn Windows

Learning Windows is easier than you think. I’m not speaking of memorizing specific steps for specific skills:

  • Press ALT-H, press TAB five times, Press ENTER
  • Press ALT-H, press S and then press A

Blind consumers can only maintain a certain number of keyboard commands and miss out on powerful application features that are easily accessed with concepts and controls.

There are a set number of controls in Windows. Some Windows controls include:

  • Split button
  • Combo box
  • Radio button
  • Edit field
  • Dialog
  • Property Sheet
  • and more

The trick to learning Windows concepts and controls is listening to your screen reader. Blind consumers are quick to silence speech with CTRL.

Once you strike that CTRL key, you’re left to figure out where you are and remember the keystrokes you committed to memory.

If your screen reader is too chatty, adjust the verbosity. Once you become familiar with Windows concepts and controls, you’ll breeze through ribbons, dialogs, property sheets, Office Backstage and more.

Learning Windows basics opens the door to entire applications.

To learn Windows, listen to the screen reader and learn how to access the controls upon which you’re focused. When you hear “Split Button” in one application, you can access it in all applications.

If you’re a keyboard junkie or have learned specific skills by rote and want to expand your Windows knowledge, ATI is offering a free summer Windows 10 training course.

Each Friday at 2:00 PM through August, learn Windows concepts and controls, program layouts, what happens when you take an action in an application, and how to use Windows applications and features.

If you miss a class or two, you can purchase the class for as low as $5.99 per lesson. Lessons average about 30 minutes each.

Invest some time in your Windows skills this summer! We begin with the Start Menu and takes you through advanced Windows features.

To join the fun, review the class schedule and request a log in!

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