OneNote 365 with JAWS for Windows Table of Contents

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Chapter One

OneNote Display
Read the Title Bar
A Note on Ribbons
Open and Close the Ribbon
Ribbon Tabs
Ribbon Commands
Ribbon Groups
Ribbon Command Key Tips
Create a Notebook
Move a Notebook
Delete a Notebook
Rename a Notebook Folder
Change a Notebook Display Name
The Notebook List
Pin the Notebook List
Access the Notebook Pane
Rearrange Notebooks
Notebook Options

Chapter Two

Add a Section
Navigate Sections
Focus on a Section Tab
Rename a Section
Delete a Section
Move or Copy a Section
Password Protect a Section
Open a Password Protected Section
Lock All Password Protected Sections
Remove a Password
Close the Password Task Pane

Chapter Three

Add a Page
Make an Existing Page a Subpage
Add a Subpage Below the Focused Page
Promote Subpages
Collapse Subpages
Delete a Page
Reorder Pages

Chapter Four

OneNote History
Select Text
Change OneNote Default Font
Font Attributes
Ribbon Font Attributes
Font Type
Font Size
Font Attribute Commands
Text Highlight
Font Color
Read Font Attributes
Font Styles
Add Styles in the Ribbon
Styles Keyboard Accelerators
Remove Font Styles
Read Font Attributes

Chapter Five

Paragraph Alignment
Align Text in the Home Ribbon
Alignment Keyboard Accelerators
Read Paragraph Alignment
Bullets and Numbers
Add Lists in the Home Ribbon
Add List Formatting to an Existing List
Add List Items
Rearrange List Items
Remove List Formatting
Review the Feed List
Search Pages
Filter Feed Note Type

Chapter Six

To Do Tag
Important Tag
Additional Tags
Customize Tags
Customize Tags Dialog
Modify a Tag
Add a New Tag
Organize Tags
Search and Filter Tags
Search all Notebooks
Set a Search Scope
Tag Summary Pane
Group Tags By
Show Only Unchecked Items
Search Scope
Create a Tag Summary Page
Refresh Results
Close the Tags Summary Pane

Chapter Seven

Immersive Reader
Navigate Text
Change the Voice
Text Preferences
Grammar Options
Reading Preferences
Transcribe Files
Transcribe and Translate an Audio File
Review Audio and Transcript
Start Playback at a Timestamp
Edit a Speaker Name
Add a Transcript Section to a Page
Add a Transcript to a Page
Start a New Transcript
Close the Transcribe Task Pane
Dictation Settings

Chapter Eight

Insert a Picture from Your Computer
Select a Picture
Configure a Picture
Delete a Picture
Copy Text from a Picture
Add a Hyperlink to a Picture
Link a Picture to an Internet Location
Link Pictures to OneNote Elements
Activate a Picture Link
Remove a Picture Link
Link to OneNote Locations
Link to a Notebook
Link to a Section
Link to a Page
Link to a Paragraph
Insert a Hyperlink without Inserting Text
Link to a Webpage
Activate Links
Remove Links

Chapter Nine

Insert a Table with the Table Grid
Insert a Table in the Table Dialog
Insert a Table with the Keyboard
AddRows and Columns with the Keyboard
Add Table Content
Locate Tables
The Table Ribbon
Select a Table or Table Elements
Extend Table Selection
Delete a Table, Row, or Column
Insert Columns and Rows
Table Shading
Color Text Blocks
Align Table Data
Sort Table Data

Chapter Ten

Outlook and OneNote
Send Email to OneNote
Insert Email Attachments
Outlook Meetings
New Meeting
Existing Meeting
Adda Link to an Outlook Appointment
Email a Copy of a Page
Open a Task
Delete a Task
Insert the Date and Time
File Attachments
Open a File Attachment
Delete an Attachment
Translate Text to Another Language
Translate a Page
Translate a Text Passage

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