JAWS for Windows Trainer Certification Course Syllabus

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Class One

JAWS Startup Wizard
Configure Tutor Messages
JAWS Startup Configuration
Configure JAWS Voices
Voice Profiles
Select Voice Profiles
Select an Alternative Sound Card
Read Text with JAWS
Temporarily Adjust Speech Rate
Permanently Adjust Speech Rate
JAWS Bypass Command

Class Two

Navigation Quick Keys
Navigation Quick Key Manager
JAWS Tandem (JAWS Professional)
JAWS Keyboard Help
JAWS Control Help
JAWS Application Help
JAWS Command Search
JAWS Speech History
Screen Shade
JAWS Keyboard Lock

Class Three

The JAWS Cursor
Tether JAWS to PC
Performing Mouse Clicks
Restrict the JAWS Cursor
Move JAWS Cursor by Noh-Textual Units
Route Cursors
The Physical Mouse
Invisible Cursor

Class Four

The JAWS Settings Center
Disable Progress Bar Announcements in Applications
Configure Typing Echo
Configure Screen Echo
Lower Audio Volume when JAWS Speaks
Configure how Numbers are Echoed
Configure Key Labels
Punctuation Echo
JAWS Verbosity
JAWS Verbosity settings
Say All Configurations
Sleep Mode

Class Five

Speech on Demand
Say All Options JAWS
Sound Schemes
Research It Configurations
Research It
Text Analyzer

Class Six

JAWS Managers
Open JAWS Managers
JAWS Skim Reading
Configure JAWS Skim Reading
Custom Label Configuration
Custom List View Configuration
Manage Keystrokes in JAWS for Windows

Class Seven

Change Word Pronunciation
Configure Graphic Echo
Label Graphics
Convenient OCR
OCR Documents from Scanner or PEARL Camera
JAWS find in Convenient OCR
JAWS Application Quick Settings

Class Eight

Forms Mode Configurations
Sleep Mode
Application Quick Settings
Virtualize a Window
Layered Tables
Spelling Errors and JAWS
The Clipboard Viewer

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