An Immersion into JAWS for Windows 2018 Textbook

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JAWS for Windows 2018 is a powerful screen reader with a myriad of configurations that help fine-tune your screen-reading experience.

This textbook introduces you the basics as well as the new features of JAWS for Windows 2018 that make computers more accessible than ever before.

From the basic configurations of JAWS through mouse navigation, navigating the display with the physical mouse, voice aliases, frames, table navigation, Convenient OCR and much more, this comprehensive text will have you up and running with JAWS for Windows in a matter of minutes.

Please note this textbook is solely about JAWS and doesn’t incorporate any other applications into the training.

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Table of Contents and Materials

Review An Immersion into JAWS for Windows 2018 Textbook Table of Contents

Included in this textbook are the following:

  • The Textbook in plain text, HTML and Microsoft Word Format
  • Over 125 Individually labeled mp3 documents
  • Suggested Exercises to Reinforce Skills

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