ATI Student Guidelines

All students of Access Technology Institute must abide by the following guidelines in order to maintain enrollment within the training courses provided by the institute.

  • Students must attend class, participate fully, treat all classmates and trainers with respect and achieve acceptable grades
  • If a student does not maintain an 80% or better GPA within the course or if, in the opinion of the trainer, there is little hope of a successful outcome, the student may be dropped from the course
  • Students must attend all classes, missing repeated absences may be cause for dismissal from the course.
  • Students must complete all work to the satisfaction of the ATI staff. If a student does not successfully complete a component, the student must repeat the component and will pay for the additional month of training.
  • Students will show respect to ATI employees in both the classroom and via written correspondance.
  • All tests will be completed and submitted on time (by Monday 12:00 AM in the student’s time zone)
  • ATI has a zero tolerance policy on plagairism.

Failure to comply with any of the above will result in immediate revocation of all current services from ATI.

If a student wishes to re-enroll at a future date, he/she is welcome to re-enroll upon agreement of the instructor. The student or payee must agree to pay the tuition for the course whether or not the student has a successful outcome.

Students receive proof of graduation upon payment of full tuition.

These guidelines may be amended at any time without notice. Students and graduates are encouraged to visit this page often.