An Immersion into ONENote with JAWS for Windows Table of Contents

An Immersion into JAWS for Windows Table of Contents

  • Access Technology Institute, LLC Copyright Notice
  • Accessibility Note
  • Log in to Your WordPress Website
  • The WordPress Dashboard Display
  • Dashboard Controls
    • Dashboard Content
    • WordPress Themes
      • Access WordPress Themes
      • Select a Theme
      • Customize a Theme
      • Visit and Review the Web Page
    • Website Content
    • Pages vs. Posts
    • Add a Post
      • Blocks
      • Change a Block Type
      • Start a Bulleted or Numbered Block
      • Select Text
      • Block Keyboard Accelerators
      • Manage Blocks
      • Navigate Blocks
      • Attributes and Formatting
      • Read Font Attributes
      • Block Properties
      • Post Properties
      • Publish, Preview or Save a Post
    • Add a Page
      • Page Properties
      • Publish, Preview or Save a Page
      • View the Webpage
    • Edit a WordPress Document
      • Open a Page or Post Edit Link
      • Review all Pages or Posts
      • Page or Post Display Controls
      • Bulk Actions
      • Filter Posts
      • Page and Post Table Data
    • Web Page Links
      • Add a Link
      • Edit a Link
      • Remove a Link
      • Delete Linked Text
    • The Media Library
      • Media Library Layout
      • Upload Media
      • Manage Media Files
      • Edit a Media File
      • Delete a Media File
      • Upload Media in a Media block
        Parent Pages
        Open the WordPress Menus Page
        Menu Page Layout
        Add a Menu Page
        Organize Menu Pages
        Remove a Menu Page
        Save the Menu
        Create a New Menu
        Delete a Menu
        Manage Menu Locations
        Category Management
        Add a New Category
        Search for Categories
        Manage Categories
        Categories Table
        Category management links
        Edit a Category
        Tag Management
        Add a Tag
        Search for Tags
        Manage Tags
        Tags Table
        Tag Management Links
        Edit a Tag
        Add Categories to a Post
        Post Property Sheet
        Quick Edit
        Add Tags to a Post
        Post Property Sheet
        Quick Edit
        Manage Comments
        Comments Table
        Comment Links
        Spam Vs. Trash
        User Roles
        Add a User
        Manage Users
        Edit Users
        View User Activity
        Delete Users
        Delete Multiple Users
        Change Multiple Users Roles
        Default Plugins
        Install Plugins
        Install a Plugin from a Web Page
        Install Plugins in the WordPress Add New Plugins Page
        Manage Installed Plugins
        Installed Plugins Page Controls
        Plugin Links
        Configure Plugins
        Export WordPress Data
        Import Data