Trainer Proficiencies

New students are accepted the first Monday of every Month

Access Technology Institute is pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive trainer proficiency programs for Access Technology Trainers.

Students who participate in proficiency courses offered by Access Technology Institute gain a comprehensive knowledge of Access Technology and how it interfaces with Windows and Windows applications.

Our community is in need of quality access technology trainers.  Rather than teaching a litany of keystrokes. Access Technology Institute communicates the concepts and controls of Windows. This  insures trainers understand the difference between screen reader, Windows, and Application commands. Our proficiency courses provide trainers the skills necessary to insure their students success.

ATI dedicates time to each screen reader and application. This insures  trainers have the skills necessary to teach their students in a confident and skilled manner.

Access Technology Institute offers eleven proficiency courses.  To learn more about the proficiency courses, please visit the link below.

ATI Proficiency Courses

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