Word 2016 with JAWS for Windows Trainer Handbook Syllabus

Microsoft Word 2016 Syllabus

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 Lesson One

The Display of Word
Accessing Ribbons
Configuring Word
Accessing the Options
Navigating a Dialog
Property Sheets
Windows text navigation commands
JAWS for Windows reading commands

Lesson Two

Selecting Text
Adding attributes to text on the fly
Adding attributes to existing text
Reading Text Attributes with JAWS for Windows
The Font Dialog of Word
Removing Attributes from Text

Lesson Three

Document Alignment
Document Spacing
The Paragraph Dialog
Removing Formatting

Lesson Four

Sorting in Word
Bullets and numbers on-the-fly
Bullets and numbers with selected text
Editing Lists
Removing Formatting
Removing Attributes
Horizontal Rules

Lesson Five

Saving Documents in Office Backstage
Bypassing Backstage to save documents
Pinning folders to backstage
Opening Documents from Office Backstage
Bypassing Office Backstage to open documents
Navigating the Open and Save dialogs of Word
List Views
Combo Edit Fields
Combo Boxes
Navigating the list view

Lesson Six

Word Count
Date and time
Page Breaks
Advanced Find
Find and Replace
Go To

Lesson Seven

Spell Check

Lesson Eight

The Design Ribbon
Selecting a Document Format
Selecting a Font Set
Setting Document Defaults
Adding Headings to Documents
Collapsing and Expanding Headings
Add a Table of Contents
Updating Table of Contents
Accessing Tables of Contents
The Design Ribbon – Within the design

Supplemental Lessons

Endnotes and Footnotes

Inserting Footnotes
Inserting Endnotes
Focus on a Footnote or Endnote
Reading Footnotes and Endnotes with JAWS for Windows
Deleting Endnotes and Footnotes


Inserting Comments
Showing Comments
Reading Comments with JAWS for Windows
Reply to a Comment
Show/Hide Comments
Delete a Comment
Delete All Comments


Adding a Hyperlink
Deleting Hyperlinks
Removing Hyperlinks from Text
Accessing Hyperlinks with JAWS for Windows
activating a hyperlink within a document


Insert a Table
Add Content to a Table
The Table Ribbons
Convert a Table to Text
JAWS for Windows Table Reading Commands


Enabling the Developer Ribbon
Activating the Macro command
Naming a Macro
Assigning a Keystroke
Recording the Macro
Running Macros
Deleting Macros
Enabling the Developer

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