Windows 10 with JAWS For Windows Trainer Handbook Syllabus

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Class One

  • The Start menu
  • The Windows Application Menu
    Move focus to the Desktop
  •  Elements of the Desktop
  • Accessing List Views
  • The difference between toggles and commands reversed with SHIFT
  • SHIFT is used throughout Windows to reverse navigation
  • Windows Taskbar
  • Notification Area
  • Clock
  • Opening WordPad from the Start Screen
  • Navigating among applications
  • Windows text navigation commands
  • Reading documents with JAWS

Class Two

  • The WordPad Display
  • Accessing the Ribbon
  • Opening documents
  • Closing documents
  • Saving and opening documents

Class Three

  • Selecting Text
  • Reading Selected Text with JAWS for Windows
  • Cutting, Copying Pasting and Undo
  • Adding attributes to text on-the-fly
  • Adding attributes to selected text
  • Reading text attributes with JAWS for Windows

Class Four

  • Aligning Text
  • Spacing Text
  • Adding Bullets and Numbering to Text

Class Five

  • Opening File Explorer
  • The Folder Window
  • Configuring the Display
  • File Explorer Options
  • Quick Access
  • Accessing List Views
  • Navigating the Window
  • Selecting Items
  • Copying, Cutting and Pasting
  • Copying Items
  • Moving Items
  • Sorting items

Class Six

  • File Explorer – The Address Bar
  • The SendTo of Windows
  • Review of the Desktop
  • The importance of selected items in a list view
  • Creating Shortcuts on the Desktop
  • Creating Shortcut Keys
  • Deleting Shortcut Keys
  • Using Send To
  • Editing the Send To

Class Seven

  • Libraries
  • Creating Libraries
  • Editing Libraries
  • Deleting Libraries
  • The Recycle Bin
  • The Run Dialog
  • Virtual Desktop

Class Eight

  • Configuring Default Programs
  • Setting Internet Explorer to use the Desktop Application
  • Privacy Settings
  • Setting the Time Zone
  • Removing Applications
  • Configuring the System Sound
  • Configuring the Recording Volume
  • Cortana

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