Windows 10 Training Course Class Seven

Purchase the Sixth Windows 10 Training Course class via the links below.

This class includes the following topics:

  • Access Technology Institute, LLC Copyright Notice
  • Introduction
  • Lists
  • Bulleted List
    • Add Bulleted Lists as You Type
    • Add Bulleted Lists to Existing Text
  • Reading Bullet Format
  • Numbered List
    • Add Numbered Lists as You Type
    • Add Numbered Lists to Existing Lists
  • Read Numbered Lists
  • Add List items
  • Remove a List Item
  • Remove List Formatting
  • Add List Subtopics
  • Document Spacing
    • Change Line Spacing As You Type
    • Change line spacing on existing text
  • Read Line Spacing
  • Line Spacing Keyboard Accelerators
  • Align Text
    • As You Type
    • Add Alignment to Existing Text
  • Read Aligned Text
  • Font Alignment Keyboard Accelerators

Windows 10, Class Seven, Document Formatting (Audio Only) $5.99
Windows 10, Class Seven, Document Formatting, Training Package (Audio and Text Documentation) $8.99