Windows 10 Trainer with JAWS for Windows Trainer Certification Course Syllabus

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Class One

Windows 10 Lock Screen
Windows 10 Login Screen
Configure the Windows 10 Start Menu
The Windows Display
The Start Menu
Active Desktop
Windows Taskbar
Jump Lists
Notification Area
Navigate among Open Applications
Close Applications
Open WordPad
The WordPad Display
Input Text
Windows Text Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Desktop Layout Reading Commands
JAWS for Windows Laptop Layout Text Reading Commands
JAWs for Windows Say All
Adjust JAWS for Windows Speech Rate

Class Two

The WordPad Display
Disable JAWS for Windows Virtual Ribbon
Toggle the Ribbon on and Off
Ribbon Tabs
The Ribbon
Select Text
Read Selected Text with JAWS for Windows
Cut, Copy Paste, and Undo
The Paste Command
Delete Text

Class Three

Selecting Text
Reading Selected Text with JAWS for Windows
Cut, Copy Paste and Undo
Add attributes to text on-the-fly
Add attributes to selected text
Read text attributes with JAWS for Windows

Class Four

Open File Explorer
The File Explorer Display
The List View
Configure the List View Layout
Configure File Explorer Options
Configure the Navigation Pane to Display Libraries
Navigation Pane
Quick Access
Address Bar
Navigate the List View
Sort the List View
Add Columns
Search File Explorer
Instant Search Edit Field
The Search Ribbon
Instant Search Text Modifier

Class Five

File Explorer and Selected State
Windows Application Menu
Enhanced Windows Application Menu
Manage Items in the List View
Create Folders
Select Items
Invert Selection
Copy Documents
Move Documents
Open Documents with a different application

Class Six

Shortcuts Introduction
The Send To
Create Desktop Folders
Move Shortcuts into Folders
Create Desktop Shortcuts via the Start Menu
Create a Shortcut to a Website
Create a Shortcut to an Email Address
Delete Desktop Shortcuts
Arrange Desktop Icons
Create a Desktop Shortcut Key
Delete a Shortcut Key

Class Seven

Libraries Introduction
Enable Libraries in the Navigation Pane
View a Library
Create a New Library
Add Folders to a Library
Create a New Library via the List View
Configure a Library Save Location
Delete a Library Folder
Delete Libraries
The Recycle Bin
The Recycle Bin Display
Navigate the Recycle Bin
Select Items to Restore
Restore Recycle Bin Items
Restore All Items
Empty the Recycle Bin
Search the Recycle Bin
Configure the Recycle Bin

Class Eight

The Run Dialog
Windows Settings
Windows Settings Categories
Windows Settings Search-Edit Field
Uninstall Applications
Windows Volume Introduction
Windows Volume Mixer
Adjust Master Volume
Virtual Desktops
Move an Application to another Desktop

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