Outlook 2016 with JAWS for Windows Training Course Syllabus

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Class One

The Start Screen
Disable the Start Screen
PowerPoint Display
Slide Pane and Slide Deck
Access a Slide
JAWS for Windows Help Commands
Inserting Text into Placeholders
Edit Text in Placeholders
Windows Text Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Reading Commands
Insert New Slides
Object Placeholders
Navigate Among Slides
Delete Slides

Class Two

Attributes and Formatting Introduction
Select Text
Read Selected Text
Cut, Copy and Paste
Paste Special
Add Attributes to Text
The Font Dialog
Read Font Attributes
Remove Font Attributes
Line Spacing

Class Three

Sort Slides
Select Slides
Bullets and Numbers
Color Schemes
Font Schemes
Save Custom Themes
Use Custom Themes

Class Four

Transition Effect Options
Transition Sounds
Transition Duration
Advance Slides
Animations Introduction
Add an Animation
Read Animation Information with JAWS for Windows
Configure when Animations Play
Animation Task Pane
Animation Duration
Animation Effect Options
Play the Slide Show

Class Five

Insert Date and Time
Insert Slide Numbers
Activate Hyperlinks
Insert Audio
Audio Playback Ribbon
Hyperlink Bookmarks

Class Six

Pictures – Introduction
Insert Pictures
Select a Picture
Picture Format Ribbon Commands

Class Seven

Tables – Introduction
Insert a Table
Insert Table Data
Read Tables with JAWS for Windows
Custom Table Ribbons
Select a Table, Row or Column
Delete a Table, Row or Column
Insert Table rows and columns
Select Table Cells
Merge Table Cells
Split Table Cells
Align Text in Cells
Send Elements Forward and Backward in Cells
Selection Pane
Header Row
Total Row
Banded Rows and Columns
First Column and Last Column Formatting
Table Themes

Class Eight

Add Slide Notes
Read Slide Notes
Handout Master
Handout Master Ribbon
Handout Master Ribbon Commands
Handout Master Format Ribbon
Handout Master Format Ribbon Commands
Print Presentation Documents
Start a slide show instantly
Run a Slide Show
Navigate Among Slides in a Slide Show
Move to a Specific Slide
Blackout or Whiteout the Screen
Toggle the Pointer
Stop and Start an Automatic Show
Use the Laser Pointer
Draw on the Slide Show
Stop a Slide Show

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