Firefox with JAWS for Windows Training Course Syllabus

Class One

Make Firefox the Default Browser
The Firefox Display
Display Firefox Menus
Address Bar
Address Bar keyboard commands
Open New Tabs
Close Tabs
Re-Open Tabs
Tabbed browsing
Rearrange Tabs
Firefox Windows
Close Windows and Tabs
JAWS for Windows Smart Navigation
Configure Smart navigation
Activate Links
Navigate a Web Page with Windows Text Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Reading Commands
Say All
JAWS for Windows Text Quick Navigation Commands

Class Two

Browser History
JAWS for Windows Link Quick Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Links List
Select Text
Read Selected Text
Copy and Paste Text
Tables Introduction
Navigate Among Tables
JAWS for Windows Table Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Layered Table Commands
Jump to a Specific Cell
Return to a Previous Location
Select a Table
PlaceMarker Introduction
Create a Temporary PlaceMarker
Navigate Among PlaceMarkers
Create a Permanent PlaceMarker
Edit a PlaceMarker
Remove a PlaceMarker
Remove All PlaceMarkers
Navigate Among and to Specific PlaceMarkers
Select Text between a PlaceMarker and Virtual Cursor

Class Three

Firefox Reader Mode
Mute Web Audio
Bookmarks Introduction
Create a Bookmark
Open Bookmarks
Edit a Bookmark
The Bookmarks Library
Bookmarks Library – Configure the List View
Bookmarks Library – Edit Bookmark Properties
Bookmarks Library – Create a New Folder
Bookmarks Library – Select Bookmarks
Bookmarks Library – Copy and Move Bookmarks
Bookmarks Library – Remove Bookmarks
Bookmarks Library – Search Bookmarks
Close the Bookmarks Library
The Bookmarks Menu
Bookmark Toolbar
Search the Bookmark Toolbar
Configure a Home Page
Open the Home Page
Bookmark Keywords Review

Class Four

Forms Introduction
Forms Mode
Auto Forms Mode
Configure Forms Mode
Return to the Virtual Cursor
Form Quick Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Form Fields List
JAWS for Windows Form Control Quick Navigation
Specific Form Field JAWS for Windows Dialog
Form Fields
Website Logins
Website Search Keywords
Firefox Search Operands
Firefox Search Bar
Search Website Text with JAWS for Windows