ZoomText 10.1 Table of Contents

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Sharing the Document

The ZoomText User Interface

Navigating the ZoomText User Interface

Focus vs. View

Turning Features of ZoomText On and Off

ZoomText Bypass Key

Adjusting the Magnification

Adjusting the Reading Rate

The Synthesizer Dialog

Selecting a ZoomText Window

The ZoomText Window Dialog

Adjusting Window Sizes

Saving Configurations

Saving the Default Configuration

Restoring the Factory Default Configuration

Saving Application Configurations

Giving Applications a Friendly Name

Managing Configuration Files

Disabling ZoomText

Scrolling the Display

Moving the view to a specific location on the display

The Mouse and the View

ZoomText Enhancements

Color Enhancements

Pointer Enhancements

Cursor Enhancements

Font Enhancements

ZoomText Configuration Options

Text Processing


Typing Echo

Mouse Echo

Program Echo






User Interface

Configuring ZoomText Hot Keys

Reading Information in ZoomText

Reading Text

Reading the GUI Interface

Reading Documents with the DocReader

Navigating within the DocReader

The DocReader Toolbar

The DocReader Settings

The AppReader

AppReader Settings

Configure Reading Settings

The Speak It Tool of ZoomText

Finding Items and Information

The Desktop Finder

Accessing the Internet

The Web Finder

Navigate by Text Search Results

Navigate by elements on a web page

Navigating a Web Page with Hot Keys

Searching by Elements

Fine Tune the Search Results

Finding Text in a Document or Application

The Text Finder

Text Finder Toolbar

Text Finder Highlight Configuration

Reading Zones

Creating Reading Zones

The Reading Zone Dialog

Navigating Reading Zones

The Reading Zone Toolbar

Editing the Boundaries of Reading Zones

Editing Properties and Deleting Reading Zones

Freeze Window

Enabling and disabling your freeze window

Configuring your freeze window

Find Out in what Part of the Display are you Working?

The View Locator

View Mode

Configuring View Mode

Multitask with ZoomText Background Reader

Selecting Text with the Mouse

Selecting Text with the Keyboard

Copy Text to the Windows Clipboard

Initiate the Background Reader

The Background Reader Toolbar

Background Reader Keyboard Commands

ZoomText Recorder

Selecting Text with the Mouse

Selecting Text with the Keyboard

Copy Text to the Windows Clipboard

Open ZoomText Recorder

The Recorder Dialog

ZoomText Recorder Hot Keys

While You’re Recording

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