System Access Stand Alone Table of Contents

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Sharing the Document

Starting and Exiting System Access

The System Access Modifier Key

Configuring System Access

General Preferences

Text-To-Speech Preferences

Screen Magnification Preferences

Braille Preferences

Startup Preferences

Manage Home Server


Reading Documents and the GUI Interface

Windows Navigation Commands

System Access Commands

Additional System Access Commands

Refresh the Display

Help Balloons

Screen Magnification Keyboard Commands

System Access Bypass Command

Toolbar Buttons

System Tray Buttons

Check Battery Status

Keyboard Help

Move Mouse to Cursor and Execute a Right Click

Sticky Keys

Shut Down System Access

Microsoft Word and System Access

Reading the Document and Display

Reading Tables

Virtual Mouse

Labeling Graphics

Automatic Graphic Labeling

Toolbar Buttons

System Access and Excel

Reading Column and Row Information

Accessing Information in a Worksheet

Title Ranges

Adding a Title Range

Deleting a Title Range

Defining Monitor Region

Modifying or Deleting Monitor Regions


The Command Prompt and System Access

Microsoft Outlook

Adobe Reader

Navigating a PDF Document

Managing Your Machines

Sample HTML Documents explain the basics of web access with System Access Standalone

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