JAWS for Windows 16 Table of Contents

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The JAWS Startup Wizard

Speech Settings

Run JAWS Settings

Miscellaneous Options

Verbosity Settings

Tutor messages

Access Key

Verbosity Level

Braille Settings

Basic Settings

Tutor Messages

Access Key

Automatically Start JAWS

Windows System Parameters


Configuring the Voices of JAWS

Voice Profiles

Synthesizer Name

Synthesizer Language


Select a Voice Profile

Select a Sound Card

Application Settings

Navigation Quick Key Manager

JAWS Tandem


Keyboard Help

Control Help

Application Help

JAWS Command Search

Reading Text with JAWS for Windows

Increasing the Rate of Speech with JFW

Keyboard Conflicts

JAWS Cursor Navigation

Restrict the JAWS or Invisible Cursor

Tether JAWS to PC


The Run JAWS Manager

JAWS Dictionary Manager

Adding a Dictionary Entry

Deleting an Entry

Editing an Entry

Closing the Dictionary Manager

Labeling Graphics

Automatic Graphic Labeling

Labeling an Individual Graphic

JAWS Settings Center

Selecting an Alternative Application

Searching the Settings Center

The Tree View

User Options

Progress Bar Announce

Typing Echo

Screen Echo

Typing Interrupt

Insert Key Mode

Key Repeat

Show Virtual Viewer on Screen

Text Processing

Filter Repeated Characters

Indicate Capitalization

List Items

Spell Alphanumeric Data

Indicate New Lines When

Additional Options

Customize Punctuation

Speech Verbosity

Verbosity Level

Say All Options

JAWS Quick Settings

Custom Highlight Assign

Virtualize a Window

Graphics and Symbols

Announce Special Symbols When

Speak Character Value in Hex

Speak Character Value as Sequence of Multibyte Values

Graphic Verbosity

Graphic Dimensions

Re-Classing Windows Controls

Control Types

Re-classing the Control

New Class

Assign To

Assigned Classes

Voice Aliases

Customize Voice Aliases

Adding a Voice Alias

Deleting a Voice Alias

The Keyboard Manager

Adding a Keystroke

Removing a Keystroke

Changing a Keystroke

Finding a Keystroke

Viewing Command Documentation

Speech and Sounds Schemes

Edit and Create New Sound Schemes


Control Type

Control State


Font Name

Font Size





Caret and Cursor Options

Notify When Cursor Changes Shape

Text Caret Blink Rate

Mouse Click Tolerance

Caret Time Out

Vertical Caret Dimensions

Horizontal Caret Dimensions

Miscellaneous Options

Sleep Mode

Search for Prompts

Use Virtual Ribbon

Use Virtual PC Cursor

Track Focus Rectangle

Text Out Delay

Pixels Per Space

Pixels Per Tab

Left Margin in Pixels

Underline Proximity

Rely on MSAA for List Views


Forms Mode Options

Select Forms Mode

Navigation Quick Key Delay

Disable Forms Mode When a New Page Loads

Forms Mode Sounds

Convenient OCR

JAWS find in Convenient OCR

Layered Tables

On Top Windows


Configuring Frame Coordinates

Configuring Frame Properties

The Frame Viewer

The Options Menu

The Frames List

Frame Properties


Validation Rules



Spell Check

Keyboard Lock

Windows 8 Support

Clipboard Viewer

JAWS and Invisible Cursor within Windows 8

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