Excel 2013 with JAWS for Windows 16 Table of Contents

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Sharing the Document

Table of Contents

Configuring Excel

The Options Dialog

General Property Sheet

Configuring a Default Template

Disabling the Backstage View when Opening and Saving Documents

Disabling Animations in Windows

Recovering Unsaved Workbooks

The Microsoft Excel Display

The Title Bar

Ribbon Tabs


Status Line

Quick Access Toolbar

Adding Items to the Quick Access Toolbar

Removing Items from the Quick Access Toolbar

Opening Documents in Backstage

Saving Documents with Backstage

Saving Documents without Backstage

Saving Documents as PDF


Rows, Columns, and Cells

The Active Cell

Special JAWS Commands for Reading and Accessing Cells

Additional Information about the focused cell

Special JAWS Commands for Cells

Reading Cells with JAWS

Navigating a Worksheet

Inserting Data in a Cell

Deleting Data in a Cell

Creating your first Worksheet

Selecting Cells, Rows, Columns, and Regions

Selecting non-contiguous regions

Inserting Rows and Columns

Adding Multiple Rows and Columns

Deleting Rows and Columns

Hiding Rows and columns

JAWS Quick Settings for Excel

Reading Column/Row Headings

Row and Column Totals

Navigating among worksheets


Formatting Cells

Removing Formatting from Cells

Clearing Contents, Hyperlinks, Comments and More

Sizing Columns to Fit Text

Sizing Rows to fit Text

Renaming a Worksheet

Naming a Cell or Range of Cells

Goal Seek

Custom Summary Ranges in JAWS

Create a Custom Summary Range

Rename a Custom Summary Label

Deleting a Custom Summary Label

Deleting All Custom Summary Labels

Viewing Your Custom Summary Labels

Using the “Go to” of Excel

The Find Dialog

The Find and Replace Dialog

Go To Special

Additional Find and Select Options

-RECORD – Monitoring Cells with JAWS for Windows

Managing Text

Inserting Manual Carriage Returns

Wrapping Text

Customizing Cell Width and Height

Merging Cells

Center and Merging

Additional Merge Options


Formatting Text

Microsoft Excel Font Dialog

Cell Borders

Formatting as a Table

Inserting Date and time

Creating Hyperlinks

Linking to a document

Linking to a Web Page

Linking to an Email

Linking to cells in worksheets

Activating Hyperlinks

Absolute and Relative Values

Inserting Fractions

Inserting functions


Using the Autofill of Excel

Inputting the Same Data into a Range of Cells

Inputting a Series of Values

Filling a Linear or Growth Trend

Flash Fill

Quick Analysis


Reading a Chart with JAWS for Windows

Chart Design Ribbon

– RECORD- Editing Chart Title

Chart Format Ribbon


Creating a Form for a Database

Filtering a Database

Pivot Tables

Inserting Pivot Tables via Quick Analysis

Managing Pivot Tables

Changing Column Contents

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