How do I Download My Textbook?

When you purchase a textbook on our website, an automatic email is generated  with  your download link. It is sent to the email address used to purchase the product.

if you don’t receive your email within ten minutes, check your junk and/or spam email folder. If  you can’t find the email, contact CathyAnne for a fresh download link.

To download your textbook:

  1. Activate the download link in your email. If the link is broken, copy and paste it into your favorite browser
  2. The download link opens a download interface in your default browser.

Select your browser below for detailed instructions to download your training materials:


Chrome automatically downloads the file to your Downloads folder. To access the folder do one of the following:

  • Open the Chrome menu (ALT-F) and activate “Downloads”
  • Press CTRL-J

A new web page opens and displays all items you’ve downloaded in Chrome.

Each day is in Heading 3 text. Navigate among headings with your screen reader:

  • Move to the next heading 3 level text NUMBER ROW 3
  • Move to the previous heading 3 level text SHIFT-NUMBER ROW 3

Focus on the link for  your training material and press  ENTER.

The  zip file is displayed in File Explorer. You can unzip the file and access your materials.

Firefox ESR

Internet Explorer