Shut Down a Copyright Violator and Receive a One-Year Textbook Subscription

We’ve received several notices over the last few months that our textbooks are being distributed illegally on private servers and through organizations. We need help shutting down this distribution and we’re offering a reward!

The first person to  provide us information of a server illegally distributing ATI training materials or of an organization distributing our textbooks that helps us shut-down distribution, will receive a free One-Year Textbook Subscription ($650 value) and we’ll keep your identity private!

Send the following information to

If someone is distributing our materials on a server, please provide the following

  • The name of the server owner
  • Login information for the server
  • Name and subscription information for mailing list associated with distribution (if applicable)

If an organization is distributing our textbooks, please provide the following:

  • The name and contact information of the organization
  • Names of the distributed textbooks