PowerPoint with JAWS for Windows Trainer Certification Course Syllabus

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Week One

Class One

What is a Presentation
The PowerPoint Start Screen
Open a New Presentation
The PowerPoint Display
JAWS for Windows Information Commands
Insert Text into a Placeholder
Edit Text in a Placeholder
Navigate Text with Windows Commands
JAWS for Windows Reading Commands
Adjust Speech Rate

Class Two

Insert New Slides
Duplicate Slides
Configure Slide Size
Navigate Among Slides
Delete Slides
Select Text
Read Selected Text
Cut, Copy and Paste 

Week Two

Class Three

Text Attributes
The Font Dialog
Read Font Attributes
Remove Font Attributes
Placeholder Formatting
Slide Design

Class Four

Insert the Date
Insert Slide Number
Insert Hyperlinks
Link to Documents
Insert Comments
Navigate Among Comments
Read Comments with JAWS for Windows

Week Three

Class Five

Insert Sound
Insert Sound from a File
Fade Sound
The Playback Ribbon
Color Schemes
Custom Color Schemes

Class Six

Font Schemes
Custom Front Schemes
Transition Speed
Apply a Transition to All Slides
Transition Sound

Week One

Class Seven

Insert Tables
The Table Ribbons
Read Tables with JAWS for Windows

Class Eight

Presentation Notes
Print Notes
Presentation Setup
Play a Slideshow
Read Notes with JAWS for Windows
Present a Presentation Online

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