Outlook 2019 with JAWS for Windows Training Course Syllabus

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Class One

Maximize the Application Window
Disable JAWS Virtual Ribbon
Configure the Outlook display
Keyboard commands that affect the display
The Outlook Display
Outlook Element Keyboard Commands
Navigate Outlook History
Add an Email Account
Change Email Account Settings
Ribbon Tabs
Open Ribbons with Key Tips
Navigate Ribbon Commands and Groups
Repeat Ribbon Command Key Tips
Tell me what you want to do
Download Email
Folder List, Message List and Navigation Bar
Folder List Navigation
Message List Navigation
Read Message List Columns
Open a Message
Windows Text Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Phonetic Character on Pause
JAWS for Windows Desktop Reading Commands
JAWS for Windows Laptop Reading Commands
JAWS for Windows Say All
Increase and Decrease JAWS for Windows Speech Rate
Read Message Headers
Navigate Message Headers
Navigate among Open Messages

Class Two

Open a New Email Form
Enable the BCC field
Send a New Email
Reply and Reply to All
Forward Email
Delete an Email
Select Multiple Messages
Delete Multiple Messages
Send Email from an Alternative Email Address
Configure Spelling and Grammar Options
Spell Check Email
Configure and Manage Signatures
Insert a Signature
Email Attachments

Class Three

Arrange Vs. Filter Messages
View All vs Unread Messages
Filter and Arrange Messages via the Filter Button
Filter Messages in the Home Ribbon
Instant Search
Remove Filters
Message Groups
Message Preview
Group Messages by Conversation
Outlook folders Review
Folder Management

Class Four

Instant Search Review
Search Ribbon
Quick Steps
Create Quick Steps from Templates
Create Custom Quick Steps
Create Rules from Templates
The Create Rule Dialog
The Rules Wizard
Manage and Run Rules

Class Five

The Contact Display
Create Contacts
The Contacts List View
Read Contact List Columns
The Advanced View Settings Dialog
The Show Columns Dialog
Dialog Access Keys
Manage Columns
Open a Contact
Edit a Contact
Delete a Contact
Search Contacts
Folder Management
Copy and Move Contacts
Configure Outlook Address Book Folders
The Outlook Address Book
Contact Groups

Class Six

Outlook Calendar Options
Outlook Calendar
The Calendar Display
The Calendar View
Configure Displayed Days in the Default Calendar View
Move to Dates
Create an Appointment
Recurring Appointments
Appointment Time Zones
Navigate Appointments
Manage Appointments
The Calendar List
Create a Calendar Group
Create a Calendar
Select a Calendar
Manage Calendars

Class Seven

To-Do List vs. Tasks List
Create a New Task
Assign Tasks
Edit a Task
Delete a Task
Task Attachments
The Tasks List
Message Preview
Reverse Sort Order
Manage Columns
The Outlook Journal
The Outlook Journal Display
Add a Journal Entry
Open a Journal Entry
Close a Journal Entry
Delete a Journal Entry
Time a Journal Entry
Manage Journal Entries
Journal List View
Journal Entry Preview
Create a New Note
Open and Edit Notes
Delete Notes
Note Folder Groups and Folders
Manage Notes

Class Eight

Configure Default Reminder Time
Create Appointment Reminders
Create Follow-Up Reminders
The Reminders Window
Full Outlook Folder List
Accessibility Check
Outlook Shortcuts
Advanced Find
Advanced Find Dialog
Advanced Find Property Sheets
Launch a Search and Navigate Search Results
Junk and Adult Content Email
Junk and Adult Content Options

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