Outlook 2016 with JAWS for Windows Trainer Handbook Syllabus

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Lesson One

The Elements of Outlook
Keyboard commands that affect the display
Maximizing the Outlook Window
The Outlook Display
Tell me what you want to do
Accessing Ribbons
Folder and Message Lists
Add an Email Account
Change Email Account Settings
Downloading Email
Windows Text Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Reading Commands
Open Outlook Forms
Enable the BCC Field
Sending an Email

Lesson Two

Reply to Email
Forward Email
Delete Email
Arrange Messages
Message Preview
Filter Messages
Create, Edit and Delete Email Folders
Copy and Move Items

Lesson Three

Changing the Mail view
Quick Steps

Lesson Four

Attach Files
Save Attached Files
Find Related Messages
Instant Search
The Search Ribbon
Spell Check

Lesson Five

Keyboard Reminders
The Contact Display
Creating, Editing and Deleting Contacts
Opening Contacts
Changing the Contact View
Folder Management
Move and Copy Contacts

Lesson Six

Including Contact Folders in the Address Book
Outlook Address Book
Using the Address Book within an email
Advanced Find

Lesson Seven

Outlook Calendar Options
Outlook Calendar
The Calendar List
Change the Calendar View
Move to a Specific Date
Time Zones
Navigating Among Appointments

Lesson Eight

Assigning Tasks

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