NVDA Trainer Certification Course Syllabus

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Lesson One

Install NVDA
Launch NVDA
NVDA Input Help
The NVDA Menu
NVDA Synthesizer Settings
NVDA General Settings
NVDA Keyboard Settings
Silence Speech
Windows Text Navigation Commands
NVDA Reading Commands
Adjust Speech Parameters On-The-Fly
Permanently Adjust Speech Parameters

Lesson Two

NVDA Terminology
Review Modes
Review Cursor Settings
Object Presentation Settings
Object Review
Screen Review
Select and Copy Text with Screen Review

Lesson Three

Document Formatting Settings
NVDA Configurations
Save and Load Profiles
Configuration Profiles
Edit a Profile
Mouse Settings
Mouse Navigation

Lesson Four

Windows 10 OCR Settings
Windows 10 OCR
NVDA Speech Dictionaries
Punctuation/Symbol Pronunciation in NVDA
Input Gestures

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