Use Paste to Create a New Email in Outlook

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When you have access to text or a document you’d like to attach to an email, you can use Windows copy and paste to create a new email within Outlook.

This will save you typing and ribbon navigation.

Copy the Text or Documents to the Windows Clipboard

Within a document or File Explorer, select the text or documents you’d like to add to an email and copy the data to the Windows clipboard.

You can attach multiple documents to an email.

Create the New Email

To create a new email with the text inserted or document attached:

  • Open Outlook
  • Within focus in the Inbox, paste the contents of the Windows clipboard (CTRL-V)

A new email is created with the document(s) attached or the text inserted into the body of the message. You can address the message, complete the fields and send it on its way.

You don’t have to open a new email form or go through a bunch of steps in the ribbon. This is an easy way to create new email within Outlook.