Resend Messages in Outlook

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Within Outlook, you can resend messages you’ve already sent.  This is handy when you forget to CC a message or receive an inquiry that requires the same response as another email.

Open a Message

Within the “Sent Items” folder, open a message you’d like to resend. Within the message, you’ll use the ribbon to resend the message.

Resend the Message

Within the open message:

  • Open the Message Ribbon (ALT-H)
  • Within the Message Ribbon, activate the “Actions” command (M, E)
  • Within the drop-down list, activate “Resend this message”

A new copy of the message opens.  The new message has:

  • The same recipient
  • The same subject
  • The same body

Edit the message as necessary and add the new recipient within the “To” field.

After editing as necessary and adding the new recipient, send the message as usual.

You’ve just use the Resend feature of Outlook!