Remove Attributes and Paste Special

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When you copy and paste text from a variety of sources, your document can have a mish-mosh of different attributes and formatting. In this lesson, I’ll show you how to:

  • Remove all attributes from text but maintain the formatting
  • Remove all attributes and formatting from text when you paste it into a document

Remove All Attributes from Text

Microsoft Word has a simple keystroke to remove all attributes from text.  To remove attributes from text:

  • Select the text from which you’d like to remove attributes
  • Press CTRL-SPACEBAR to remove the attributes
  • Remove the selection

That’s all there is to it! This simple command removes all the varied attributes from text and restores it to the Microsoft Word default.

Paste Text without Formatting

When you copy text to your Windows clipboard from the Internet or other documents, you may have a variety of formatting and attributes. With “Paste Special,” you can remove all the attributes and formatting from text as you paste it into Microsoft Word or WordPad.

To paste text as unformatted into a document:

  • Open the Home Ribbon of WordPad or Word
  • Press TAB once to focus on the “Paste” command
  • Expand the Paste options with ALT-DOWN ARROW
  • Within the drop-down list, activate “Paste Special”

This opens a dialog through which you can paste the contents of your Windows clipboard as unformatted text.

  • Within the dialog list box, focus on “Unformatted Text”
  • Activate the OK button (It’s the default button so you can press ENTER)

The text is pasted into your document. All formatting and attributes are removed.

With these two features of Word, you have total control over the text in your document!