Outlook Email Templates

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Writing the same text over and over again is a waste of time and can lead to frustration. Outlook Templates can save you the trouble of writing the same text multiple times.  Templates are documents you can use over and over again. Creating an Outlook template is easy.  This lesson assumes you have knowledge of saving documents and using File Explorer to navigate your computer.

Create an Outlook Email Template

I’m going to show you how to create an Outlook Email template. To create a Template in Outlook:

  • Focus in the Outlook inbox
  • Create a new email form
  • Fill in the subject and body (you don’t need a “to” address)

You’ve prepared the email you’d like to use as a template, now it’s time to save it. To save the email as a template:

  • Open Outlook Backstage (ALT-F)
  • In the Save As dialog Folder Pane, select “Microsoft”
  • In the “File Name” field, input the name of the Template
  • Within the “File Type: field, select “Outlook Template *.oft”

Save the document and you’ve created an email template in Outlook.

Using Outlook Email Templates

Outlook Templates are available any time you’d like to use them.  To open an email template:

  • Open the Home Ribbon (ALT-H)
  • Activate the “New Items” command (I)
  • Within the drop-down list, activate “More Items” (I)
  • Within this drop-down menu, activate “Choose Form” (O)

This opens the “Choose Form” dialog.  This dialog has a number of fields. They include:

  • Look In – This is a combo box from which you’ll select a location
  • List Box – The list box lists all available templates in the selected folder
  • Display Name – This field displays the name of the selected template
  • Open – Activate this button to open the selected template

Within the dialog, you need to open the folder containing your personal templates and select the template you’d like to open.  To do this:

  • Focus in the “Look In” combo box and use UP AND DOWN ARROW to focus on “User Templates in File System”
  • Navigate to the list box and select the Template you’d like to open
  • Press ENTER

The template opens and is available for use.

Editing Outlook Email Templates

To Edit an Outlook Template, follow these steps:

  • Open the Template you’d like to edit
  • Edit the document to suit your needs
  • Save the document as described above with the same name.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm overwriting the template, answer yes
  • The template is saved with the new data

Deleting Outlook Email Templates

To delete templates, use File Explorer.

  • Within File Explorer, navigate to: C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates
  • Please replace (UserName) with your user name on your computer.
  • Within the list view, focus on a template you’d like to delete
  • Press DELETE
  • The template is deleted