Create a Shortcut on the Desktop to an Outlook Template

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You’ve created a number of Templates in Outlook but they can be a chore to access within Outlook proper.  Using Desktop shortcuts, you can access your Templates quickly and easily.

Open File Explorer and open the Templates Folder

You’ll create your Shortcuts from within File Explorer. To open File Explorer, press WINDOWS KEY-E.

Once in File Explorer, focus in the Address Bar (ALT-D) and input the following path:


Replace (UserName) with your actual Windows user name.  After inputting the path, press ENTER.

Create Your Shortcut

After focusing in the Templates folder, place focus on the Template for which you’d like to create the Shortcut.

Open the Windows Application Menu.  To open the Windows Application Menu, do one of the following:

  • Press the WINDOWS APPLICATION KEY (the key to the left of your right CTRL key)
  • Press SHIFT-F10

Within the Windows Application Menu:

  • Activate “Send To” to open the submenu
  • Within the submenu, activate “Desktop (Create Shortcut)”

A Shortcut to the selected Template is created on the Desktop.

Access your Shortcut

After creating your Shortcut, you can close File Explorer and focus on the Desktop (WINDOWS KEY-D).  The Template Shortcut will be the last Shortcut on your Desktop.

to open the associated Template:

  • Focus on the Template Shortcut
  • Press ENTER

The Template is opened within Outlook.  If Outlook isn’t open, the application is opened and the Template loaded.

Address and edit your template as needed and send it on it’s way!

Rename the Shortcut

You can rename the Shortcut on the Desktop.  It’s a Shortcut not the actual file so it’s easily renamed.  To rename an item in Windows:

  • Focus on the item you’d like to rename
  • Press F2
  • Type the new name
  • Press ENTER

The Template Shortcut is renamed and ready for use!

Create a Shortcut to the Templates Folder

you can also create a Shortcut to the Templates Folder on your computer.  To create a Shortcut to the Templates folder:

  • Open File Explorer (WINDOWS KEY-E)
  • Focus in the Address Bar (ALT-D)
  • Input the following path:


Be sure to replace (UserName) with your actual Windows user name.

  • Open the Windows Application Menu (WINDOWS APPLICATION KEY or SHIFT-F10)
  • Activate “Send To” to open the submenu
  • Within the submenu, activate “Desktop (Create Shortcut)

The Shortcut is created and placed on the Desktop.

Access Your Shortcut

Open the folder to display your Templates.  Press ENTER to activate one.

You can change the name of the Shortcut as described above.