Create New Outlook Items with Copy and Paste

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Using copy and paste,you can create new items in Outlook.  To my knowledge, this works in all recent versions of Outlook.

Copy Text to the Clipboard

When in another document of Windows, copy the text you’d like to insert into the body of a message, or the notes field of another item within Outlook and copy the text to your Windows clipboard. To select text within Windows:

  • select one character at a time SHIFT-RIGHT ARROW
  • Select a word at a time CTRL-SHIFT-RIGHT ARROW
  • Select to the end of the line SHIFT-END
  • select to the same column in the next line SHIFT-DOWN ARROW
  • Select the next paragraph CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN ARROW
  • select to the end of the document CTRL-SHIFT-END
  • Select a list in which the cursor is focused F8 (This is JAWS specific)
  • Select the entire document CTRL-A
  • Remove selection with ANY ARROW KEY

Create a New Form with Paste in Outlook

After copying the text to the Windows clipboard, navigate to an element of Outlook.  You can focus in:

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Journal

Don’t open a form, just focus in Outlook.

After focusing in Outlook, paste the text (CTRL-V)

A new form is created with the text inserted into the body of the email or the notes field of the other forms of Outlook.

Attach Documents

You can also attach documents to an item in Outlook. To paste documents:

  • Copy the document (or documents) to the Windows clipboard
  • Open the Outlook element to which you’d like to attach the document
  • Paste the document (CTRL-V)

A new Outlook item is created with the document attached.