Exclude Social Media Results from a Google Search in Google Chrome

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Using a custom search engine in the Google Chrome browser, you can exclude Social Media search results from a Google search.

Google Chrome

Create a new search engine with Google parameters to eliminate Social Media sites.

  1. Open the Chrome menu (ALT-F)
  2. Activate “Settings”
  3. This opens a tab with Google Chrome browser settings


Within the Settings tab:

  1. Activate “Manage Search Engines.” This opens a new page with Search Engine settings
  2. Activate the “Add” button within the web page
  3. This opens a small dialog through which you configure a new search engine
  4. Within the dialog, configure the following:
    1. Search Engine – This is an edit field, input a name for the new search engine. I’m going to name mine, “Google NSM” for “Google No Social Media”
    2. Keyword – You can type a keyword into the Chrome address bar to quickly load a web page. I’m going to name my search engine “NSM” for “No Social Media”
    3. URL with %s in place of query – Input the Google search string into this edit field. Here, we’ll use Google  search parameters to eliminate Social Media sites. We’ll add the Google address followed by the query parameter and eliminate Social Media sites. Use the following text string:
      https://www.google.com/search?q=%s -facebook -twitter -wikipedia -instagram
    4. Activate the “Add” button and the search engine is added to your Google Chrome browser

You can use the custom search in the Address Bar:

  1. Focus in the Google Chrome address bar (ALT-D)
  2. Type the nickname for Google  NSM and press SPACEBAR. In my case, I’m inputting “NSM” without quotes. The address bar refreshes to show the full nickname of the search engine. 
  3. After pressing  SPACEBAR, type search term. I’m going  to search for myself to see if any Social Media results appear. I input “CathyAnne Murtha” and pressed ENTER

Google searches the Internet for your search term but filters out the websites you indicate.

If you find additional websites  you’d like to filter  out, you can add them to the search text string preceded by a dash.

you can also make Google NSM your default search engine in Google Chrome:

  1. Open the Chrome menu (ALT-F)
  2. Activate “Settings”
  3. Activate “Manage Search Engines.” This opens a new page with Search Engine settings
  4. In the “Search” field, input the name or nickname of your custom search engine. I’m going to input “NSM” without the quotes
  5. The search engines are automatically filtered to display only those matching the search term
  6. Search results are displayed beneath the search field. Since only one search engine contains the text “NSM,” my custom search engine is displayed
  7. Navigate to the “More Actions” button and activate it
  8. A menu opens through which you can take one of the following actions:
    1. Make Default – If you make this search engine the default, Google permanently filters all Social Media sites when you search via  the Address Bar
    2. Edit – This opens the aforementioned dialog through which you can edit the Search Engine
    3. Remove from list – This option removes  your custom search engine from the Google Chrome search engine list

Close the Settings tab with CTRL-W. You’re ready to use your custom search engine!