Change the Google Chrome Address Bar Search Engine (JAWS for Windows)

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You can easily change the search engine used in the Google Chrome address bar within Google Chrome settings.

To change the Search Engine of the Google Chrome address bar, follow these steps:

  • Open the Chrome Menu (ALT-F)
  • Activate “Settings” (S)

Chrome settings are displayed in a web page view. The options are form controls. By default, focus is placed in an Search edit field. Press TAB once to move focus from the search field.

  • Open the JAWS for Windows Forms List (JAWS KEY-F5)
  • Within the list box, locate “Search engine used in the address bar Combo Box”
  • Once focused on “Search engine used in the address bar Combo Box,” press ENTER

Focus is moved to the combo box within the web page.

  • Press SPACEBAR to expand the combo box
  • Press UP and DOWN ARROW to select a search engine
  • Press ENTER

You’re done! When you input a search term in Google Chrome’s address bar, the browser uses your selected search engine.