Add a Keyword to a Bookmark in Firefox

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Within Firefox, keywords are used to load a web page in a browser tab with a simple text string.

After creating a bookmark, you can add a keyword by editing the bookmark.  Keywords are added when you edit bookmarks within the Firefox Library.

Open the Firefox Library

To add a keyword use the Firefox Library.

Open the Firefox Library. There are two ways in which to open the Firefox Library to edit bookmarks:

  • Open the Bookmarks menu (ALT-B) and activate “Show all Bookmarks”
  • press CTRL-SHIFT-B

The Firefox library opens.

The Firefox Library Display

The library contains the following elements:

  • On the left side of the Window is a tree view containing all folders associated with Firefox
  • On the right side of the display is a list view that displays items in the focused folder of the tree view
  • Beneath the list view are the fields to edit the focused item in the list view.  If you’re focused on a bookmark, the bookmark editing fields are displayed
  • A search field is at the top of the display. You can search the focused folder using this search box

Navigate among the elements of the Firefox Library with TAB and SHIFT-TAB

Select a Bookmark Folder

using these fields, let’s add a keyword to a bookmark.

  • Open the Firefox Library as described above
  • Press SHIFT-TAB one time to move focus to the tree view that displays the Firefox folders
  • Use UP and DOWN ARROW to select the bookmark folder that contains the bookmark you’d like to edit

I focused on my “Bookmarks Menu” folder.

Select a Bookmark

All bookmarks in the focused bookmark folder are displayed in the list view on the right side of the Window.

  • Navigate to the list view with TAB and use UP and DOWN ARROW to select a bookmark

I focused on the bookmark for my website

Edit the Bookmark

Once focused on the bookmark you’d like to edit, navigate to the bottom of the Window with TAB. You’ll find the fields used to edit the bookmark.

The bookmark editing fields include:

  • Name – The name of the bookmark. You can overwrite or edit the text to rename the bookmark
  • Location – The location of the website associated with the bookmark.  You can overwrite or edit the text as needed
  • Tags – You can use tags to sort and search for bookmarks. You can overwrite or edit tags as needed. Separate each tag with a comma (,)
  • Show All Tags – Activate this button to display a list box of previously used tags.  These tags are each associated with a checkbox.  Navigate the list with UP and DOWN ARROW.  Toggle the checkboxes on and off with SPACEBAR.  Tags with Checked checkboxes are added to the bookmark.
  • More – This is the button you want to activate to add a keyword.  Focus on this button and activate it with SPACEBAR

Add a Keyword to the Focused Bookmark

After activating the “More” button, additional fields are displayed.  Press SHIFT-TAB several times to focus in the “Keyword” field.

type the keyword you’d like to use for the focused bookmark. I want to use the text string “ATI” without the quotes to load my website so I added the text string ATI to the keyword field.

Close the Firefox Library

Close the Firefox Library with CTRL-W.  The change takes place immediately.  you could also opt to continue editing bookmarks.

Use a Keyword in Firefox

Use a keyword associated with a bookmark in the Address Bar of Firefox.  To use a bookmark keyword:

  • Focus in the address bar of Firefox (ALT-D)
  • Type the keyword (I typed ATI) and press ENTER

The web page associated with the keyword is loaded into the focused Firefox Tab.

Congratulations! You now know how to use Firefox keywords!