Excel 2016 Trainer Certification Course Syllabus

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Class One

The Start Screen
Office information bar
Maximize the Window
The Excel display
Workbooks and Worksheets
Insert Worksheets
Navigate among Worksheets
Display a List of Worksheets with JAWS for Windows
Rows, columns, and cells
Insert data into cells
Navigate Among Cells within a Worksheet
Windows Text Navigation Commands
JAWS for Windows Reading Commands
Data regions
Edit data in cells
Read data in cells with JAWS for Windows
List cells with JAWS for Windows

Class Two

Select Text
Read Selected Text
Add Attributes to Text
The Font Dialog
Enable Cell Text Visibility Detection
Manual Carriage Returns
Word Wrap
Select Ranges of Cells
Focus on or Select a Range of Cells with Go To
Select from active cell to a designated cell
Read Selected Cells
Format Cells

Class Three

Overlapping and Cropped Cells
Merge and Unmerge
Naming Cells and Cell Ranges
Name Manager
Navigate to Named Ranges using Go To
Use Named Ranges in Formulas
Create Title Rows and Columns with Named Ranges
Configure how Row and Column Title are echoed in JAWS for Windows
Manually Configure JAWS for Windows to Read Title Rows and Columns
Sort Data
Find and Replace

Class Four

Fill Series Dialog
Absolute and Relative Values
Goal Seek
Table Formatting
Insert Rows and Columns
Insert Worksheets
Delete Data in Cells
Delete Rows and Columns
Insert Cells

Class Five

Format Tables
Table Design Ribbon
The Forms dialog
Filter Tables
Hide and Unhide Data
Rename Worksheets
Copy Worksheets
Move Worksheets
Delete Worksheets

Class Six

Use the SUM Function to Total a Row or Column
Configure Total Row or Column in JAWS for Windows
Read the Total Row
Monitor Cells in JAWS for Windows
Clear Hyperlinks

Class Seven

Clear Command
Cell Markers
Read Borders with JAWS for Windows
Split text into columns
Input random numbers
Display all formulas
Conditional Formatting
JAWS for Windows Format Conditions Detection

Class Eight

JAWS for Windows Chart Commands
Chart Ribbons

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