Accessing Windows 11 with JAWS for Windows Table of Contents

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Copyright Notice
The Start Menu
The Edit Box
Pinned Applications
All Apps Button
Recommended List
More Button
User Account
Power Options
Windows Application Menu
Administrator Mode
The Taskbar
Navigate Open Application Windows
Jump Lists
Jump List Keyboard Accelerators
Pin Items to a Jump List
Unpin Items from a Jump List
Detailed Instructions
Navigate Open Applications
Task View
Review Key
Open Notepad
The Notepad Display
Command Mode
Open Menus
Navigate Menus
Menu Options
JAWS Virtual Ribbon Menus
A Note on Ribbon Terminology
Office Ribbon Display
Open WordPad
Open and Close the Ribbon
The Ribbon Display
Navigate Ribbon Tabs
The Ribbon
Activate Ribbon Commands
Ribbon Groups
Ribbon Command Key Tips
File Explorer
Open File Explorer
The File Explorer Display
Navigate Window Elements
Quick Access List Box
Navigate to the Documents Folder
The List Box View
The Folder Options Dialog
Property Sheets
The General Property Sheet
The View Property Sheet
Navigate the List Box
Open Tabs
Navigate Tabs
Close Tabs
The Tree View
Open a Location in a New Tab
The Address Bar
Open System Folders
Folder and Document Management
Select Documents and Folders
Select Multiple Items
Remove Selection
Invert Selection
Copy or Move List Box Items
Rename List Box Items
Delete List Box Items
Copy a Folder Path
Pin and Unpin Quick Access Folders
Add and Remove Favorite Documents
Review Key