Windows 10 with JAWS for Windows Test One

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Test One – Windows 10


10 Points Each

1. Give an overview of the Windows 10 Start Menu.

2. List three elements located on the Desktop of Windows

3. What is the screen reader command to read the clock?

4. How do you open WordPad through the Windows 10 Start Menu?

5. How do you navigate among the icons on the desktop

6. Give two ways to launch an application from within the Taskbar of Windows.

7. What is a jump list? How is a jump list accessed in the Task Bar?

8. What Windows keyboard commands do the following?

  • Move to the next letter
  • Move to the next word
  • Move to the next paragraph
  • Move to the bottom of the document
  • Move to the previous word

9. What screen reader commands do the following?

  • Read the current letter
  • Read the current word
  • Read the current line
  • Spell the current Word

10. What keystroke moves focus to the Notification Area? Is this a Windows, or Screen Reader Command?

11. How do you increase and decrease the rate of speech on the fly?

12. Both WINDOWS KEY-D and WINDOWS KEY-M place focus on the desktop but they are different, please explain the difference.

13. What keyboard command opens the jump list of the first item on the Windows Taskbar?

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