Free Trainer Handbook and Textbook Subscription for Small business and organizations

Receive ATI Textbooks, Trainer Handbooks and Training Courses for your trainers free of charge!

This offer is for small businesses organizations in the United States of America.

Your business or organizations will receive unlimited access to our trainer handbooks and textbooks in return for selling our textbooks to your students or recommending our books during student evaluations.

Included Textbooks
Included Handbooks

Terms and Conditions

  • Sell ATI Textbooks or recommend purchase during evaluations for classes in which students are enrolled
  • Access Technology Trainers employed by the organization receive unlimited access to all ATI Textbooks and Trainer Handbooks free of charge
  • ATI accepts online purchases and Purchase Orders submitted via email
  • Trainers have access to  textbooks and can distribute them immediately to their students upon submitting a purchase order
  • Subscription will end without notice after six months without a textbook purchase

Start Your Free Trainer Textbook and Handbook Subscription

To start your free subscription, contact ATI with information on your business organization. Please include:

  • The names and email addresses of all Trainers included in the subscription
  • The mailing address of the organization
  • Whether you will sell or recommend our textbooks for purchase

Upon subscription, trainers will receive an email with information on how to log in and access the training materials.

We look forward to working with you!