Word 2016 Trainer Certification Course Syllabus

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Week One

Class One

The Start Screen
Microsoft Word Display
Configure Microsoft Word
Document View
Windows Text Navigation
JAWS for Windows Reading Commands
Select Text
Read Selected Text
Cut, Copy and Paste

Class Two

Attributes vs. Formatting
Add Attributes to Text
Read Font Information
The Font Dialog
Set a Default Font
Remove Attributes from Text
Tell me what you want to do
Paragraph Dialog
Line Spacing
Remove Formatting

Week Two

Class Three

Bullets and Numbers
Remove Formatting
Insert the Date
Word Count
Open New Documents
Document Navigation
Close Documents
Save Documents Backstage
Open Documents Backstage
Save As Dialog
Open File Dialog
Disable Background Save

Class Four

Insert Page Breaks
Insert and Navigate Footnotes
Delete Footnotes
Insert and Navigate Endnotes
Delete Endnotes
List Footnotes and Endnotes with JAWS for Windows
Insert and Navigate Comments
List Comments with JAWS for Windows
Reply to Comments
Delete Comments
JAWS for Windows Text Analyzer

Week Three

Class Five

Document Design
Document Themes
Font Styles
Font Colors
Paragraph Spacing
Setting a Default Style
Navigate Among Bookmarks
Delete Bookmarks

Class Six

Word Spell Check
Spell Check with JAWS for Windows
Heading Styles
Navigate Headings with JAWS for Windows
Tables of Contents

Week Four

Class Seven

Insert a Table
Add Data to a Table
Read Tables with JAWS for Windows
JAWS for Windows Layered Table Commands
Table Layout Ribbon
Table Design Ribbon
Convert a Table to Text
Insert Pictures
Locate Pictures with JAWS for Windows
Picture Ribbon
Add Captions to Pictures

Class Eight

Enable the Developer Ribbon