Word 2016 with Window-Eyes Table of Contents

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Configuring Microsoft Word

Disable Reading View

Disable the Word Start Screen

Disable Automatic Bullets and Numbering

Configuring the Default Document Format

Enable Spell Check as You Type

Configuring the View

Returning to the Last Edit in a Document

The Start Screen


Recent Documents

Open Other Documents

Search Templates

Suggested searches


The Microsoft Word Display

The Title Bar

Ribbon Tabs


Status Line

Quick Access Toolbar

Adding Items to the Quick Access Toolbar

Removing Items from the Quick Access Toolbar

Tell me what you want to do

Navigating Text

Windows Navigation

Reading Text with Window-Eyes

Adjusting the Rate of Speech

Selecting Text

Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo

The Microsoft Office Clipboard

Closing the Word Task Pane

The Spike

Move Text Quickly without Copy and Paste or the Spike

Insert Unicode Characters

The Navigation Pane

The Search Tab

The Headings Tab

The Pages Tab

Closing the Navigation Pane

Font Attributes

Adding Attributes to Text

Additional Attributes

Review Font Formatting

The Font Dialog


Font Style

Font Size

Font Color

Underline Style

Underline Color


Default Font

Reading Font Attributes with Window-Eyes

Document Formatting

Aligning Text

Remove All Attributes

Selecting Text with Matching Formatting

Line Spacing

Paragraph Dialog


Outline Level




Removing Formatting

Window-Eyes Format Alert

Enable Format Alert via the Window-Eyes Control Panel:

Enable Format Alert with a Window-Eyes Hot Key

Document Management and Navigation

Opening New Documents

Navigating Among Documents

Closing Documents

Disabling the Backstage View when Opening and Saving Documents

Saving Documents with Backstage

Saving Documents without Backstage

The Save As Dialog of Windows

File Name

Column Headers

List View

Navigation Pane

Save As Type

Additional Fields

Opening Documents

Opening Saved Documents with Backstage

Opening Saved Documents without Backstage

The Open File Dialog

Navigation Pane

Document type

Word Count

Adding Elements to a Document

Inserting the Date

Configuring and Inserting a Default Date Format

Update Automatically

Bullets and Numbering

Adding Bullets and Numbers On-the-Fly

Adding Bullets and Numbering to Existing Text

Horizontal Rules

Spell Check

Word spell Check

Spell Check with Window-Eyes

Inserting Page Breaks

Page Numbers

Inserting Page Numbers

Start Page Numbers on the Second Page

Start Page Numbers later in a Document

Formatting Page Numbers

Changing the Font of Page Numbers

Removing Page Numbers

Removing Page Number without Removing the Header

The Design Ribbon

Selecting Document Formatting

Document Font Styles

Document Colors

Paragraph Spacing


Adding a Watermark

Deleting a Watermark

Page Color

Add a Page color

Remove a Page Color

Saving a Default Document Style

Heading Styles and Tables of Contents

Adding Heading Styles

Collapsing Headings

Editing and Creating Styles

Creating a New Style

Closing the Style Task Pane

Table of Contents

Inserting a Table of Contents

Updating a Table of Contents

Deleting a Table of Contents


Enabling the Developer Ribbon

Recording a Macro

Running a Macro

Deleting a Macro

Endnotes, Footnotes, and Comments

Inserting Endnotes

Inserting Footnotes

Moving to Endnotes and Footnotes

Navigating to Endnotes and Footnotes with Window-Eyes

Deleting Endnotes and Footnotes


Showing Comments

Replying to Comments

Inserting Bookmarks and Hyperlinks

Creating a Bookmark

Focusing on a Bookmark

Locating Bookmarks with Window-Eyes

Delete a Bookmark


Inserting a Hyperlink

Deleting a Hyperlink

Remove a Link from Text

Headers and Footers

Inserting Headers

Inserting Footers

Inserting Different Headers/Footers for Odd/Even Pages

Editing Headers

Editing Footers

The Header and Footers Tools Ribbon

Remove the Header or Footer from the First Page

Removing Headers and Footers

Removing Headers

Removing Footers

Locating Items in a Document


Find and Replace

Go To

Navigate Among Last Four Edits

Move to a previous revision



Inserting Pictures

Inserting Clipart

Inserting Clipart

Inserting Online Pictures

Locate Pictures

Locating Pictures

Indicating Pictures and Objects with Window-Eyes Verbosity

Locating Pictures or Objects with Window-Eyes

The Size Dialog

Inserting Picture Captions

Creating Tables

Insert a Table

Adding Content to a Table

Selecting Elements of a Table

Table Design Ribbon

Converting a Table to Text

Window-Eyes Table Reading Commands

Sharing Documents

The Share Pane

Invite a Collaborator

Receive a Collaborate Request

Edit the Document

Track Changes

Lock Tracking

Tracking Changes with Window-Eyes

Configure the Markup Display

Configure the Markups Displayed

The Review Pane (Low Vision and Sighted Users Only)

Move the Review Pane

Close the Review Pane

Navigate Among Revisions

Accept and Reject Changes

Accept All Changes

Reject All Changes

Manage Document Versions

Recover Unsaved Documents

Working with Templates

Searching for a template

Accessing Templates

Creating Accessible Forms

Inserting Form Controls

Text Box

Drop-Down Form Field


Protecting Your Form

Editing Protected Forms

Mail Merge

The Mail Merge Wizard

Selecting a Template

Use an Existing List

Outlook Address Book

Editing the Document

Previewing the Merged Documents

Completing the Merge

Adding Apps to Word

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