How to Access ATI Audio Files

Access ATI Lessons on Demand

Each lesson on demand is presented in an audio player that streams content from our website.

The player has several controls:

  • Previous – Use this button to skip to the previous audio file in the play list
  • Play/Pause – Toggle this button to play and pause the focused audio file
  • Next – Use this button to skip to the next audio file in the play list
  • Time Slider – Use RIGHT and LEFT ARROW to skip backward and forward within the current audio file
  • Mute – Use this button to mute audio in the player Volume – I recommend adjusting volume on your computer rather than through this control
  • Playlist – This is the list of audio files associated with the player

To access the audio player:

Navigate by lists within the web page until you access the player playlist.

  •  Navigate to the next list L
  •  Navigate to the previous list SHIFT-L

To hear the first item in the list, press DOWN ARROW. All playlists begin with “ATI Copyright Notice.” When you hear that option, you’re focused on the playlist
Once focused in the playlist:

  •  Move to the next list item I or DOWN ARROW
  •  Move to the previous list item SHIFT-I or UP ARROW
  •  Play a focused file ENTER

When you activate a file in the playlist, it plays and continues playing each file in the playlist until you take an action in the player.

When you focus on the buttons that control the player, JAWS is placed in “Application Mode.” When in application mode, you won’t be able to access the play list.

To exit “Application Mode” and return to the virtual cursor:

  • Navigate out of the player with TAB or SHIFT-TAB, you’ll hear a tone indicating you’ve returned to the virtual cursor
  • Press L or SHIFT-L until focus is returned to the playlist

Rinse and repeat!